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Otras formas de decir How are you?  Episodio 3

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Diverse forms of saying HOW ARE YOU?

When it comes to greeting someone and asking how they are doing, we often default to the same old phrase: “How are you?” While it’s a common and polite way to initiate a conversation, sometimes it’s refreshing to break away from the norm and add some variety to our everyday interactions.

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  1. How are you doing today? – This phrase is a straightforward and commonly used way to inquire about someone’s well-being on a specific day.
  2. How are things going? – This phrase asks about the overall progress or status of various aspects in a person’s life or situation.
  3. How’s everything with you? – This phrase seeks to know about the overall state of everything in the person’s life, encompassing various aspects such as work, relationships, health, and so on.
  4. How’s your day treating you? – This phrase asks about how the person’s day is going and whether it has been positive or challenging so far.
  5. What’s new with you? – This phrase aims to find out if anything exciting, interesting, or noteworthy has happened recently in the person’s life.
  6. How’s life treating you? – This phrase inquires about the person’s overall experience and well-being in life, encompassing both positive and negative aspects.
  7. How have you been lately? – This phrase asks about the person’s general state and experiences in recent times, inviting them to share any significant updates or changes.
  8. How’s your day been so far? – Similar to “How’s your day treating you?”, this phrase specifically focuses on the person’s day until the point of the conversation, inquiring about their experiences.
  9. How are you holding up? – This phrase expresses concern and asks how well the person is managing or coping with any challenges or difficulties they might be facing.
  10. How’s your week been? – This phrase asks about the person’s experiences and overall well-being over the course of the current week.
  11. How’s your mood today? – This phrase specifically asks about the person’s emotional state or feelings on the current day.
  12. How’s everything on your end? – This phrase inquires about the person’s situation or circumstances, emphasizing that the conversation is focused on their perspective or side of things.
  13. How are you feeling today? – This phrase seeks to understand the person’s emotional or physical state on the current day.
  14. How is it going? / How’s your day going? – This phrase asks about the person’s current day, focusing on their experiences and well-being.
  15. How are you coping? – This phrase acknowledges the possibility of difficulties or challenges and asks how the person is managing or dealing with them.


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